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Name: James Holland
Nationality: British
Home: Wiltshire
Profession: Historian
Website: www.giffonmerlin.com

Twitter: @James1940


James Holland is a historian, writer and broadcaster. Having graduated from the University of Durham with a degree in History, James has become one of the world’s leading experts on World War II. He has also covered a number of BBC Special Events including D-Day 70, VE Day 70 and Battle of Britain 75. The author of the best-selling Fortress Malta, Battle of Britain, and Dam Busters, he has also written nine works of historical fiction, five of which feature the heroic Jack Tanner, a soldier of the Second World War. He is currently writing a three-volume new history of the Second World War in the West and a book about the Defence of the Admin Box in Burma. The first volume, The War in the West: Germany Ascendant, 1939-1941, is out now.

He regularly appears on television and radio, and has written and presented the BAFTA-shortlisted documentaries, Battle of Britain and Dam Busters for the BBC, as well as the Battle for Malta, Cold War, Hot Jets, and Normandy 44.

Co-founder and Programme Director of the hugely successful Chalke Valley History Festival, he has his own collection at the Imperial War Museum, and was elected Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

He is also an avid cricketer, and plays for both Chalke Valley CC and the Authors CC.

Career Highlights


  • The War in the West - A New History: The Rise and Fall of Germany, 1939-1941
  • Dam Busters: The Race to Smash the Dams, 1943
  • The Battle of Britain: Five Months That Changed History, May-October 1940,
  • Fortress Malta: An Island Under Siege, 1940 - 1943


  • Nazi Megastructures (3 x series National Geographic Channel)
  • Dam Busters: The Race to Smash the German Dams (BBC2)
  • Cold War, Hot Jets (BB2 Series)
  • Battle of Britain: The Real Story (BBC2)
  • Normandy 44 (BBC2)


  • Elected Fellow of the Royal History Society
  • Awarded the Scott-Farnie medal by HRH Prince Philip and The Air League
  • Two-time BAFTA Shortlisted